Google Ad Management


ONLY $999 + GST Per Month

*Minimum 3 Month Commitment.

*6 Month Commitment gets a 10% Discount

*12 Month Commitment gets a 15% Discount.

This package is designed to be a regular monthly management. The first month is to establish  your warm and cold audience, gathering data (audiences from your pixel) which is super essential and a beneficial process in the begining. We recommend 3 months of management to see results. 

Paid Google PPC advertising is the most targeted and cost-effective form of digital marketing currently available to businesses.

Google has some of the best targeting abilities available, either online or offline.


What’s Included?

(price EXCLUDES ad spend)

 Google Page, Ads Account, Business Manager Creation.

– Optimized Ad towards a Specific Target

– Research, Plan & Strategy for Getting Your Precise Audience.

– Monitoring and Adjusting Ads

– Ongoing optimization editing and improving the ads over the month

– Report and updates on results, including feedback on what is working and what will be changed to improve.

– Payment is required in advance. Please note these fees are not including ad spend (this is payable by you through Facebook).

*The more you invest into PAID Google marketing, the more you can expect to achieve from it.

Here’s just some of the work performed on your account each month (and reported on):

– Manual bid optimizations
–  Keyword match type selections
–  Quality score improvements
–  Keyword expansion & refinement

– Negative keyword expansion
– Single keyword ad groups
– Competitor research
– Bid modifiers

– Device targeting improvements
– Geo-targeting improvements
– Day parting improvements


 Ad account to be set up in Business Manager (not a personal account)

What we will need:

 We will need your personal log in details – this will ensure that we can access Google Ad Business manager to add us as admin (there are a few steps to ensure that this is set up properly.. All details will be kept confidential and will not be shared or used.

– Information/Background on business.

Information on business (what you do and why, values, ecom business etc)

– Information on audience profiling – Age, sex, location, interests

– Images you would like to use, if any credits of photos need to be made in the ad please let me know. Images must be high res, clear photos

– Objectives for your ads – i.e. all products, a certain service you want to sell/promote, a sale, Social media engagement, likes/follows etc

– Your weekly budget for ad spend

– If you have any copywriting done, send through your brand guidelines

– Landing Pages to be redirected to and call to action targeting.

What does your AdWords Management service cover?

We’ll use the tactic or channel most likely to deliver you more leads, including Google Search, Remarketing, Display Advertising, YouTube Video Ads, Conversion Optimisation, Landing Pages, Google Shopping and more.

What is your pricing?

  • For the majority of our customers (75% plus) the standard AdWords management pricing is $499 + GST per month. This package is enough to cover the needs for the vast majority of businesses we deal with.
  • In some special cases, customers may be required to subscribe to a slightly cheaper or slightly more expensive package. This will be made very clear in the Free Proposal after we have analysed your business, your goals and your competition.

 What makes your AdWords management different from

  • Yep… there is a lot of self proclaimed “AdWords experts” out there. Here’s why TecQify is different.
  • Transparency is at the heart of everything we do. You get a monthly report at the start of every month as well as a mid month update and a weekly topline stats update. On top of that, our staff’s time is tracked and you have access to a dashboard so you can see how much time was spent on your account (complete with screenshots that prove the work was on your campaign).
  • Our management fee is fixed and totally independent from your media spend. You don’t have to worry about your agency overcharging or pocketing the difference, or taking a percentage of media and encouraging you to spend more as a result.
  • You have full access to your AdWords account at all times so you can see exactly what is done to the account. After all – it’s your account.
  • We also will go above and beyond to help with recommendations that will help improve your results, such as tips and advice on your web design, conversion rate, copywriting and more

What is pay per click marketing?

  • You’re probably seeing the term PPC around quite a bit. Heck, it’s even in our name! So what is PPC marketing?
  • PPC is short for pay per click. People also often refer to it as paid search. When people talk about pay per click marketing they are talking about this.
  • It’s a form of advertising made popular by Google (but also in use on Bing, Facebook and other platforms) where the advertisers pay every time somebody clicks their ad.
  • This is great as you can ensure your ads only show when people have searched for the keywords you’re interested in.
  • This makes pay per click marketing extremely effective at driving new customer leads and sales.

●        What is PPC management services?

  • PPC management services is where a person or business manages the PPC campaigns for someone else.
  • For example, your business might engage TecQify to manage your PPC campaigns on your behalf.
  • The field of PPC is quite complex with various terms like CPC, ROAS, impression share, negative keywords, campaigns, ad groups, bids, bid adjustments etc – it’s a whole new language to learn.
  • On top of this, user interfaces for AdWords, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads are not exactly user friendly.
  • Instead of spending an eternity learning how to do it themselves, many businesses instead choose to outsource this work to PPC management services like TecQify.

Does Google AdWords work?

If you’re wondering does Google AdWords work, the best answer we can give is – it should!

Google is the largest search engine in the world, with over 90% market share in Australia. When consumers look for a new product or service they no longer turn to the Yellow Pages or even word of mouth. Instead, the first port of call is usually a trusty search engine.

The opportunity is huge. This is where your potential customers are.

If your account is set up properly with the right campaign structure, compelling ad copy, smart keyword targeting and competitive bids, you should  start generating clicks from people interested in your product or service.

However, it’s not just the AdWords account set-up that plays a role.

The quality of your landing page, what it says and how it functions plays a a massive role in whether people get in touch.

So too does your offer. Is it something people want to take up, or does it fall flat?

If you have a professionally managed AdWords campaign combined with a high quality landing page and strong offer then Google AdWords will definitely work.

However, if you’ve tried it to no success and are starting to wonder does Google AdWords work, chances are you’ve missed the mark in one of these key areas.

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